Record #696: Crella (Grayella) cyathophora Carter,

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Specimen Information

Submitted asCrella (Grayella) cyathophora Carter,
locationNW of Lizard I., W of Underwood Shoal, GBR (14° 35' 01'' S, 145° 20' 08'' E)
byDPI, FRV Gwendoline May
Voucher numberG304373
Voucher locationQueensland Museum
Preservation methodEtOH
Identified byJNA Hooper
Verifieddate24th of June 2013
byJNA Hooper
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationCrella cyathophora is a reduced species lacking chelae or acanthostyles, having raised areolae, spinned oxeas in the surface and tornote tracts in the choanosome.

in situ

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #722CO1 Folmer