Record #684: Clathria vulpina

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Specimen Information

Submitted asClathria (Thalysias) vulpina
locationBlue Lagoon, Lizard I., Pinnacle, bommie on E (14° 41' 60'' S, 145° 27' 08'' E)
byHooper J.N.A. Hobbs L.J. Kennedy J. and Cook S.D.
Voucher numberG304409
Voucher locationQueensland Museum
Preservation methodEtOH
Identified byJNA Hooper
Verifieddate1st of January 1970
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional information contort forms are extremely rare and occur in only few specimens. Length I 7.1-(12.4)-17.5 ï¾µm, length II 1.1-(3.8)-6.9 ï¾µm. Toxas are variable in abundance, often uncommon, distributed singly or in toxodragmata throughout the mesohyl, and especially surrounding choanocyte chambers. Shape ranges from long, thin, rhaphidiform, with little or no central curvature or apical flexion, to (less frequently) short, thin, widely curved centrally, without flexed points. Length 7.2-(97.9)-199.5 ï¾µm, width 0.5-(1.2)-3.2 ï¾µm.

in situ

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #710CO1 Folmer