Record #513: Ircinia spiculosa

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Specimen Information

Submitted asIrcinia spiculosa
locationE. Of Phuket Is./Thailand (8° 3' 00'' S, 98° 18' 57'' E)
Voucher numberG 311562
Voucher locationQueensland Museum
Preservation methodEtOH
Identified byBergquist. P R
Verifieddate31st of October 2009
byPatricia Sutcliffe
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationSpecimen QM G311562 was identified in the field as I. spiculosa (by P. Bergquist). Examination of this specimen shows the presence of some small sand grains coring the fibres, the fibres of this specimen are orange. The original description by Hentschel (1912) does not indicate any colouring of the fibres, he describes the sponge as being whitish only. Further, the distinction of I. spiculosa from other species of Ircinia Nardo, 1833 is based by Hentschel on the absence of any foreign matter other than spicules, he stated repeatedly that this species contains spicules exclusively.

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #463CO1 FolmerGenbank FN552874
Comment: also JQ082829