Record #502: Psammocinia bulbosa

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Specimen Information

Submitted asPsammocinia bulbosa
locationUroparapara Island/Vanuatu (13° 31' 29'' S, 167° 20' 42'' E)
byKennedy, J A and Woerheide, G
Voucher numberG 315576
Voucher locationQueensland Museum
Preservation methodEtOH
Identified byMs Hendriks. Patricia
Verifieddate31st of October 2009
byPatricia Sutcliffe
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationThis species differs from other species of Psammocinia by having an usual shape with long oscular fistules, other species tend to be cup-shaped, encrusting or irregularly lamellate. P. bulbosa is made further distinctive by the coring of the secondary fibres
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in situ

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #452CO1 FolmerGenbank FN552812