Record #306: Characella pachastrelloides

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Specimen Information

Submitted asCharacella pachastrelloides
locationMingulay Reef, outer Hebrides, Scotland (56° 49' 27'' N, 7° 16' 07'' W)
byRob van Soest
Voucher numberZMAPOR 20375
Voucher locationZoological Museum, University of Amsterdam
Preservation methodEthanol 96%
Identified byRob van Soest
Verifieddate1st of April 2009
byPaco Cardenas
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in situsectionspicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #1127CO1 FolmerGenbank HM592749
Sequence #112828S, 5' fragmentGenbank HM592781
Comment: D1-C1-D2 domains