Record #194: Geodia papyracea

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Specimen Information

Submitted asGeodia papyracea
locationSolarte, Bocas del Toro, Panama (9° 18' 21'' N, 82° 10' 23'' W)
byScott Nichols
Voucher numberUMPCW921
Voucher locationUniversity of California Museum of Paleontolo
Preservation methodEthanol
Identified byScott Nichols
Verifieddate10th of March 2008
byPaco Cárdenas
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in situsectionspicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #179CO1 FolmerGenbank AY561961
Sequence #18028SGenbank AY561879
Comment: D8-E12 fragment
Sequence #22528S, 5' fragmentGenbank EU552084
Comment: D1-C2-D2 domains