Record #176: Isops phlegraei

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Specimen Information

Submitted asGeodia phlegraei
locationKorsfjord, Norway (60° 10' 00'' N, 5° 10' 00'' E)
byHans Tore Rapp
Voucher numberZMBN 77929
Voucher locationMuseum of Bergen, Norway
Preservation methodEthanol
Identified byPaco Cárdenas and Hans Tore Rapp
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationThe color of this specimen (in ethanol) is not typical. It has probably been stained by the encrusting sponge Hexadella dedrtitifera growing on it. G. phlegraei is usually yellowish-whitish.
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in situsectionspicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #226CO1 FolmerGenbank EU442196
Sequence #1174OtherGenbank KC481222
Comment: 18S (nearly complete)