Record #173: Pachymatisma normani

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Specimen Information

Submitted asPachymatisma normani
locationKorsfjord, Norway (60° 10' 00'' N, 5° 10' 00'' E)
byHans Tore Rapp
Voucher numberZMBN 77858
Voucher locationMuseum of Bergen
Preservation methodEthanol 96%
Identified byPaco Cárdenas and Hans Tore Rapp
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Additional informationThis specimen is from the type locality. It was designated as neotype (Cárdenas et al., 2007) before the holotype was re-discovered in the BMNH (Cárdenas & Rapp, 2013).
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in situsectionspicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #174CO1 FolmerGenbank EF564322
Sequence #178ITS1 and ITS2Genbank EF577051
Comment: 5.8S included
Sequence #23028S, 5' fragmentGenbank EU552087
Comment: D1-C2-D2 domains