Record #1675: Cliona dissimilis

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Specimen Information

Submitted asCliona dissimilis
locationKaneohe Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii, U.S.A. (21° 25' 48'' N, 157° 47' 24'' W)
byLaura Nunez Pons
Voucher numberHIMB_UPDM-SPO42
Voucher locationUniversita Politecnica delle Marche, Italia &
Preservation methodEtOH
Identified byLaura Nunez Pons
Verifieddate1st of January 1970
byBarbara Calcinai
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationThe sponge was covered with a thin layer of tissue of ~2 mm. The sponge excavates the substrate without making clear erosion chambers, and creates irregular erosion channels up to 3 mm large.

spicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #1835CO1 Folmer & ErpenbeckGenbank KY565338
Sequence #1887ITSGenbank KY565301