Record #1595: Sycettusa hastifera

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Specimen Information

Submitted asSycettusa hastifera
locationRed Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, The Bells (28° 34' 24'' N, 34° 32' 21'' E)
byGert W├Ârheide
Voucher numberSNSB-BSPG.GW893
Voucher locationQueensland Museum
Preservation methodEthanol
Identified byOliver Voigt
Verifieddate25th of November 2015
byOliver Voigt
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationAquiferous system syconoid. Genbank Accession covers a larger fragment of the gene.

in situsection

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #174328SGenbank JQ272282