Record #1151: Stupenda singularis

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Specimen Information

Submitted asStupenda singularis
locationColville Volcano, Colville Ridge (30° 10' 37'' S, 179° 44' 13'' W)
byRV Tangaroa
Voucher numberNIWA 86177
Voucher locationNIWA, New Zealand
Preservation methodethanol
Identified byMichelle Kelly
Verifieddate3rd of March 2015
byPaco Cardenas
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Additional informationThis specimen is the holotype.
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in situsectionspicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #1208CO1 Folmer & ErpenbeckGenbank KP877498
Comment: group I intron at position 387
Sequence #1300Other, 3' and 5' fragmentGenbank KP893288
Comment: nearly complete 18S