Record #1043: Pachastrella nodulosa

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Specimen Information

Submitted asPachastrella nodulosa
locationSkorpeodden, Korsfjord, Western Norway (60° 9' 60'' N, 5° 9' 60'' E)
byPaco Cárdenas
Voucher numberZMBN 85227
Voucher locationBergen Museum, Norway
Preservation methodEthanol 96%
Identified byPaco Cárdenas
Morphological description (show/hide)
Additional informationThis is one of the paratypes.

The picture of the specimen was taken just after collection (before being fixed). It is growing on 'Lophelia pertusa' deep-sea coral. The yellow encrusting sponge is Hexadella dedritifera Topsent, 1913.

in situspicule prep

Associated DNA Sequences

Sequence #1134CO1 FolmerGenbank HM592698
Sequence #113528S, 5' fragmentGenbank HM592775
Comment: D1-C2-D2 domains